AWS Modernization Workshop


Welcome to the Amazon EKS workshop with Aqua Security!

Learning Objectives

  • Deploy Cloud9 as an IDE for completing workshop exercises.
  • Configure Aqua Enterprise Security Platform for holistic cloud native security
  • Instrumenting DevSecOps using Aqua and AWS CodePipeline
  • Best practices for securing your workloads running in Amazon EKS.

Workshop structure

The workshop is structured around various aspects of cloud-native security, spanning across Build, Infrastructure and Workloads,together culminating to an overall strong security profile for your environment. It is broken down into the following sections and you should plan on 2.5 hours for completion of the course.

  • Module 1: DevSecOps using AWS CodePipeline and Aqua for Amazon EKS
  • Module 2: Securing Amazon ECR Registry with Aqua
  • Module 3: Securing Amazon EKS workloads with Aqua runtime security

You will need a GitHub account to fork the workshop repository containing the demo app.